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Our customers, the finest references


We are grateful to our clients for the trust placed in our translation services, which is both a recognition of our work and an incentive to keep improving every day.

Quality Assurance

Our clients value our quality management system, which is an essential aspect when people’s lives may be at stake, as is the case of medical translations.

Some of our client references

Below is a selection of the clients who have trusted in our services:

Company Sector
ANS Electrostimulation systems
Datascope Vital sign monitoring
Laserscope Optical Laser Systems
Microbrush Medical Dental Supplies
Nucletron Nuclear medicine
OMROM Medical Division Patient monitoring
Ondasetron Lab analysers
Teleflex Medical Oxygen
Vision Sciences Diagnostic Imaging Systems
Optos Ophthalmic systems
Hear-it Audiology
Langland Trials and Clinical Trials

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