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Services • Specialist medical translation

Flexibility and terminological management as added value

Wide-ranging working scope

Amongst our specialised medical translation services are the translation of scientific-medical texts, translation of medical and related documentation, website translation, software localisation, especially in the field of medical devices, translation of medical products, eLearning in the medical field, medical and biotechnology sector patents.

Experience and appropriateness

Mediwords’ translators have extensive experience in the different medical, biotechnological, pharmacological and veterinary specialties so that your translation needs always find the right person for each text.

Terminology Management

To this we add the creation, management and maintenance of customised terminological databases that provide added value to our work and that facilitate, improve and valorise the efforts of its technical teams, marketing, commercialisation and professional training.

Scientific and medical texts

Medical translation of articles for publication in scientific journals, abstracts; theses, dissertations and final papers, conference addresses, clinical trial protocols, pharmacological studies, etc.

Medical documentation

Medical records, diagnostic correspondence, interdepartmental consultations, clinical records, IFU, prospectuses and fact sheets, informed consent forms (ICF), data collection logs (DCL), quality of life (QoL) assessments, documentation for patient recruitment, brochures and documents for patients, etc.


Information portals for professionals or patients, virtual care centres for telemedicine, marketing texts dealing with the medical field, etc.

Medical software

Localisation of the user interface, the help system and the documentation of use, of both integrated and independent systems, training systems for technicians, etc.

eLearning material

Training, learning and standardisation systems for technicians, specialists and end users, presentation of new products, etc.


Translation of patents in the medical, biotechnology and veterinary fields.

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